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This Baby Kangaroo Will Steal Your Heart. If This Got Any Cuter I Would Just Die.

If you're cute-o-meter is going berserk, that's because you're about to meet Scotty the Wallaby. He is the cutest, tiniest little marsupial you'll ever see, and he comes with a heartbreaking story that will make you love him even more.

Scotty was rescued on Kangaroo Island after his mother was killed on the road. He is tiny - so tiny, in fact, that he still has to be fed by a syringe. Rescuers have explained that this practice is common: As tiny as wallaby babies are, their mouths are also unusually small.

See pictures and a video of Scotty being cared for below, and try not to squeal too much at your desk - Although, when you see him curled up in someone's hand, we wouldn't blame you.

Scotty has lunch - 11ml of Wombaroo kangaroo mix V0.6

Feeding time at the zoo!

Posted by Scotty the wallaby on Sunday, August 16, 2015

Look how tiny he is!

Yup, he just curls right up, just like that.

Has there ever been a more precious creature?

Scotty gets fed every four hours, and he continues to thrive. He won't be tiny like this forever, so enjoy this adorable little mug while you still can!

Next, photos from the Baby Kangaroo Rescue Center.

Source: Scotty the wallaby