By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

This Dog-Shaped Scratching Post Is Everything Your Cat Ever Wanted.

They're not known for being easily pleased, but cats derive a particular type of satisfaction from messing with the family dog. Artist Erik Stehmann has designed a scratching post that's shaped like a dog, and it just might be clever enough to make your cat leave Fido alone.

The posts come in ivory and black, one large and one small -- aptly titled the "DOG" post and the "PUP" post. They're highly durable, meant to withstand even the most aggressive of cats. They're also a pretty adorable addition to your living room -- and they'll not only save your real dog from kitty claws, but ideally, your furniture. Check out the clever design below.

This is the "PUP" scratching post, created as an alternative to the classic cat accessory.

This is the face of a cat who is truly enjoying his day, isn't it?

The scratching posts are made from a tough rope, glued to a dog-shaped base.

They're meant to withstand the prickly advances of even the most unrelenting felines.

And as they are shaped like dogs, it's hilarious to watch the cat establish dominance over the scratching post as if it were the real deal.

Surely, this will never get old.

To check out one cat enjoying his "PUP" in real time, take a look at the video below.

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