By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

Watch This Dog Lose It When He Realizes He’s Arrived At The Dog Park.

When you get to go to your favourite place in the whole wide world you cannot help but feel giddy about it. It may be a favourite restaurant, someone’s house or a park, the feeling of joy is overwhelming when you are there with the ones that you love.

Wherever the location may be, it holds a dear spot in our hearts. That is because happy memories are made there. We feel complete and utter euphoria to be there every time as more and more beautiful adventures are about to be embarked on.

One pup named Scrattie knows that feeling too well. The canine sits pretty relaxed in the car while his human drives. That is until Scrattie realizes they are about to go into the best place ever; the dog park. The anticipation and thrill of what’s about to come is almost too much to handle for the adorable dog.


Source: Rumble Viral