By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

These Sand Sculptures Have Just Raised The Bar On Beach Awesomeness.

When you were a kid, you probably spent at least a little bit of time at the beach. Armed with your trusty plastic bucket and trowel, you set to work creating the ultimate sand-kingdom, complete with moat and notched towers. As you dusted off your sandy hands and stood proudly over the empire you built, the ocean would soon come up and wipe all your hard work away, returned to the sea from which it came. You probably cried.

No offense, but these sand sculptures are a little more advanced than anything you've ever built, and you can bet that they are kept quite far away from the damage of rolling waves!

They were created by Ray Villafane and his team at Villafane Studios. The crew began their careers by sculpting images out of pumpkins, and Villafane himself went onto sculpting toys for clients like Marvel Comics and Hasbro. Eventually, he got into sandsculpting, the fruits of which you see below. These particular sculptures are taken primarily from imagery described in Dante's Inferno, and they are equal parts terrifying and impressive.