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Bride’s Underwater Wedding Is All Your Mermaid Dreams Come True.

Girls start fantasizing about their weddings at a young age. They wish for something extravagant and unique. Well Susana Zamos may have just trumped every girl's fantasy wedding with her wedding in the middle of the Caribbean Sea. That's right, we said sea.

Her wedding was literally in water, and it was gorgeous! It wasn't easy and it took a lot of planning, but as you can see from the photos below, it was well worth it. Now this is the type of wedding us single gals can only hope to have anything close to in the future. It looked like something straight out of a romance movie!

A wedding on the beach? What's new? How about getting married in the actual water? Now that's something new and unheard of.

Well that's what groom Jovany and bride Susana Zamos did! They had their wedding in the middle of the Caribbean Sea in Cozumel, Mexico.

And it wasn't an intimate small wedding. Nope, the water didn't stop their 100 friends and family from attending.

Was the ceremony difficult to pull off? Of course it was, but it was going to take more than a few bumps in the road to stop these two from having one of the most unique ceremonies ever.

“We had a wedding planner who told us: ‘you can’t get married in the ocean, it’s much too complicated,’” Zamos recalled.

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