By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

They Found A Puppy In The Middle Of The Ocean, You’ll NEVER Believe How He Got There.

On an outing at sea, you expect to see a marine life passing by: A whale or two, perhaps a dolphin, or maybe even a rare sunfish. But what you definitely don't expect to see is a puppy.

But that's exactly what these Italian sailors came across when they were out enjoying the Gulf of Naples. All alone and miles offshore, a paddling puppy struggled to stay afloat. Immediately, the sailors took action and brought him onto the boat, keeping him warm from the chilly waters by holding him close to their bodies. The rescue was pretty miraculous -- but you're absolutely not going to believe how he got there.

Here's an image of the lucky pup right after his rescue.

Someone also took an amazing video of the rescue, which depicts the sailors spotting the dog and bringing him in.

But the real mystery remained: How did the dog get there? Well, once he was on shore, the rescuers found out that the puppy was being taken home on a ferry by his new owner when he got out of the leash and slipped overboard. The owner begged the ferry crew to stop, but they wouldn't -- they claimed he had already drowned. Now, the pup has been reunited with his distraught owner. The adorable cherry on top of an incredible story? The pup's name is Noodle.

Noodle with owner Mario Di Meglio after rescue.

Happy you made it out safely, Noodle.

Sources: RYCC Savoia, The Dodo