The INSTANT This Device Hits The Ocean You’ll Be Amazed At What It Can Do.

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The effect of garbage in the ocean is serious and dangerous. The consequences goes beyond floating debris on the water’s surface. Marine life and birds are constantly falling victims to the trash being thrown in the water by being entangled in it or getting mistaken as food.

Australians Andrew Turton and Pete Ceglinski are on a mission to clean up the ocean. They have created a floating “rubbish” bin that sucks all the damaging and unwanted material such as oil, fuel, detergent, and plastics. The men’s invention has two goals in mind: to eventually build the seabins from the plastic collected and to finally live in a world where their invention will not be required.

The seabins suck all the trash that is swimming in the world's ocean.

The Seabin Project

The bins can be attached to any floating dock like marinas, ports, and yacht clubs.

The Seabin Project

The Aussies make everything in-house with sustainable materials.

The Seabin Project

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