By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

This Guy Did Something Truly Unbelievable For His Mom… 50.4% Of You Are Actually A Part Of It.

Not many sons want to share their mothers. But Alex Lyngaas loves his mom so much that he wants the world to see what an amazing woman she is. Lyngaas has created a video, "Looking For Adam," with all the fun and quirky qualities his mom possesses in the hopes that she finds a suitor and quite possibly the love of her life.

What he accomplishes is a tribute that is both touching and endearing. In a few minutes, he beautifully captures this wonderful person named Eva who like the rest of us, deserves to be loved. As wonderful as the video is, Alex still needs to find a man for his mom.

Make sure you watch it until the very end.

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Source: Alex Norgay