By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

Her Ugly Backyard Was An Eyesore, So She Transformed It Into A (SECRET) Mini Magic Kingdom.

Most moms would do just about anything for their children, and when it comes to moms and their daughters, there are no limits. Moms love to go all out to spoil their little girls, particularly on special occasions.

When crafting mom Rachael wanted to give her daughter a birthday surprise, she knew it had to be special. She didn't want to purchase her something that could be found in stores, or that any other little girl would have. So, she put her creativity to work to transform her backyard into a little girl's fantasyland. Check out her amazing project below.

Rachel decided to turn her backyard into a cute secret garden for her daughter. She can enter her special garden through this charming gate, for which she gave her daughter the key.

She can even peer through the gate to catch a glimpse of what's waiting on the other side.

Inside, Rachael built this amazing space for her daughter to play and hang out.

It's basically a squared off portion of the yard that serve's as a private, fun area for her daughter.

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