By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

The Secret Lives Of Superheroes Is A Hilariously Irreverent Cartoon Series.

Superheroes spend most of their free time trying to save the world -- but what happens when they go home and just want to chill?

To celebrate the opening of "Batman vs. Superman," a Colombian graphic artist named Fulvio Obregon has released a series of illustrations depicting how superheroes take care of themselves in everyday life. After all, one would imagine that in order to save the human race from an untimely demise, the heroes in question would need to eat clean and exercise, right? Perhaps do a bit of yoga?

Check out Obregon's work below -- who knew that Batman would be so committed to self care?

Batman has got to spend a bit of time on his cardio every day.

Followed by the green smoothie of his dreams.

Massages are definitely part of Batman's Self Care Saturdays.

As are visits to the farmer's market for fresh produce.

Wonder Woman clearly loves cooking for herself.

As well as doing a bit of kickboxing to keep her body in top shape.

It's not all cardio though -- sometimes, yoga is key.

As is lounging in bed and catching up on the news.

Who doesn't love applying their favorite beauty products?

A protein shake is the perfect post-workout snack, even for a superhero.

Superman knows how to keep is arms looking cut.

And he doesn't neglect his skin, either.

And finally, sometimes you've got to enlist the help of a friend to get you looking hot again. Saving the world or waxing a back -- either way, it's a service to humankind.

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