By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

Hidden Behind This Bookcase Is A Secret Room. Now I Want One.

You've probably heard of the man-cave before: It's a specially partitioned section of the home that is fully dedicated to all things masculine. The idea of the man-cave is that the man of the house has a place to watch sports, eat jerky, chop wood, or do other manly things that I can't even imagine right now.

Well, this is like a man-cave 2.0: A cave for those men who like a little added class. You're going to be shocked when you see how cozy this manly hideaway is - especially when you see how he hid it behind a normal-looking bookshelf.

This new bookcase was built overtop a door in the home's old coal chute room.

But there's more: The bookshelf actually opens!

Here's a close-up of the door latch.

And the deadbolt, for when he definitely doesn't want anyone to disturb him.

He fitted the door with an automatic door-closer.

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