By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

A Mysterious Package Was Left On A Police Car. The Officer Was Surprised By Its Contents.

It's been a controversial and violent year for police officers across the country. Opinions on law enforcement may be divided, but now that it's Christmas, one community decided to give back. Thanks to the Secret Santa in San Juan Capistrano, the police officers working that city have a reason to smile.

Left on the hood of an deputy's car this past weekend, this "Law Enforcement Survival Kit" is filled with goodies for the officer to enjoy, along with amusing explanations of how the treats can help them on the job. See the contents of the survival kit below.

The kit was left from a local secret Santa, on the hood of this officers car.

It came with this note of gratitude.

With tools like this, an officer can get through the day in any situation.

Source: Facebook