By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

24 ‘When You See It’ Photos That Are Borderline Creepy.

The digital age allows us to take our time taking a photo. No longer dependent on the limited number of film rolls, we can keep snapping until the hair is in place, the smile is not crooked, and your pose is perfect. The image must be impeccable without looking like you are trying too hard.

Nonetheless, some folks are so focused on how they look that they upload their photos without looking at the background. Looking at images with the eye of a newspaper editor might help you avoid embarrassing situations in the future.

You may not see the photographic mishaps right away. We assure you they are there for you to enjoy. You'll be glad you are not one of the kids in photo #10.

#1. Don't tell me you have never ridden the bus where the driver just happened to be a panda bear.

#2. They may be talking about Microsoft but the laptop belongs to a fruit group.

#3. When Rick Astley's famous 1987 hit is still relevant today.

#4. He may be a graduate but he has not figured out how reflections work.

#5. She asked her friend for a pic of her new eyeshadow, she got to see it and more.

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