By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

He Had A Seizure Whilst Skydiving… Fortunately His Partner Was Quick Thinking.

On a list called "Life's Most Terrifying Experiences," skydiving would be pretty high up. Also making the top 10 would be a seizure, wherein your body loses function and your brain sends wild electric signals that spiral out of control.

In an experience so terrifying that it's off the list entirely, Christopher Jones dove from a plane, and then had a seizure. The video will shock you - and perhaps inspire you to keep your feet firmly planted on the ground.

Jones had an epileptic seizure at 9,000 feet above Perth in Western Australia. Luckily, his instructor was able to get close enough to him to pull his parachute cord - otherwise, this video would have likely ended in tragedy.

Instead, Jones came to at about 3,000 feet after his parachute was safely deployed. He and his instructor were able to make a smooth landing. And with that, everyone reading this just uttered a collective "Phew."

Source: Nomadic Adrenaline