Huong Ngo

By Huong Ngo

LifeBuzz Staff

20 Animal Selfies That Are Cuter Than Yours Could Ever Be.

Selfies are no longer just a human trend, it's slowly growing popular in the animal kingdom! And it's going viral at the same time. Animals everywhere from zoos to wildlife to domesticated pets have all been captured on camera posing and/or smiling. Every photo is absolutely adorable and fascinating at the same time.

For the more exotic animals, a cool method has been created for the selfies called camera trapping. With this technique animals' photos are taken when they touch or approach a motion-sensing device near the lens of the camera. It's a non-invasive trick that gets the perfect candid on camera.

Check out all the animal selfies below!

#1. When you and your crew are super thugged out.

What better way to show others than to take a selfie.

#2. When you want to document all your adventures with your gang.

Even gangsters take selfies from time to time.

#3. When you find a professional camera laying around.

Of course you have to pick it up and bless it with some self portraits.

#4. When you turn on your phone's camera and it's already on the selfie cam.

You're ready but you're not ready.

#5. When you're brave enough to confront a kangaroo for a photo.

I'm surprised the kangaroo didn't try to fight him!

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