By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

This Woman’s Extreme Selfies Will Make Your Stomach Churn.

Russians don’t do regular selfies. In fact, there is a new trend that has their youth putting themselves in dangerous situations by climbing the highest rooftops, skyscrapers, and structures to get the best pic to share on their Instagram accounts.

It’s not about the pouty lips, or delicious meals they are interesting in snapping. The more challenging the high-rise is, the better the shot. Angela Nikolau loves to travel to foreign countries like China to capture breathtaking sceneries each location has to offer.

For the 23-year-old, she is not satisfied with looking pretty in her pics. Nikolau will often practice her yoga moves or sunbathe high in the sky while she uses a selfie stick to freeze a moment of her epic experience. This daredevil knows a picture is worth a thousand words.

Please note as cool as these images are, do not try these yourselves.

Angela is a self-taught photographer. She has over 127,000 followers on Instagram.

The motto for this Moscow based daredevil is, "No limit, no control."

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