By Nick

LifeBuzz Staff

He Has The Best Facebook Profile Photos EVER…But It Looks Like A Lot Of Work.

His name and location are unknown. All we know is that this man really enjoys creating Facebook profile pictures of himself as different types of interesting male characters. With the help of costumes, props and different scenery, this man has transformed himself into Neptune the god of the sea, Indiana Jones, a mobster and others. Every week he comes up with a new main photo for all his friends on Facebook to enjoy. You can even see how some of them relate to other photos. For example, in #11 he's a decorated military leader and in the next photo he's an artist painting himself from photo #11. Because we know so little about him, we're free to imagine who he really is. But one things for certain, he sure does have the most awesome Facebook profile photos ever.

One of his friends, Reddit user Fender2322 shared the epic selfie man's photos last week.









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