By Haris

LifeBuzz Staff

The 30 Most Revealing Selfies Of 2014.

#7. Skyscraper selfie

Alexander Remnev and Volodya Sidorov took this incredible selfie on top of the Princes Tower in Dubai.

Skyscraper selfie

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#8. World Cup selfie

German teammates Lukasz Podolski and Bastian Schweinsteiger take a selfie as they celebrate their World Cup final victory.

#9. Presidential selfie

This is probably Americas most powerful selfie. Vice President Joe Biden posted this flick with his friend president Barack Obama.

Presidential selfie


#10. Derek Jeter selfie

Joseph Kelly Jr. takes a selfie with Derek Jeter before his final game.

#11. Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan recently took over the Hornets twitter. He posted this selfie in order to prove to the fans that it was really him.

#12. Volcano selfie

George Kourounis took this extreme selfie in front of a volcanic island in Vanuatu.

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