By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

This Adorable Girl Has Evil Plans To Sell Her Brother… Listen To Her Explain Why.

Some people are born entrepreneurs. You hear stories of successful business people starting out selling lemonade or cookies, for example, and having a paper route as kids to make money. For the parents of these talented youngsters, it was probably no surprise when that child grew up and eventually owned a successful business.

One little girl named Rachel has the perfect plan to make money. Rachel wants to sell her little brother Jason. She has calculated how much money she can get for him and like a true business tycoon, she knows what she will do with her earnings: buy a toy owl.

As her dad tries to contain his laughter, Rachel tells him, “let’s do it, in real life.” No need to worry, Rachel will not put money before family: she plans to buy Jason back. I have a feeling Jason will not let his sister and dad live this down.

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Source: berge95