By Nick

LifeBuzz Staff

There’s An Outpouring Of Mittens In Australia. You’ll Be Heartbroken When You Find Out Why.

South Australia and Victoria have been dealing with severe wildfires for a week now. Forests are being engulfed with flames, leaving many animals fighting to survive. A great number of koalas are being treated for painful burns on their paws.

The International Fund for Animal Welfare needs a huge amount of mittens to help rehabilitate them. You can help these animals by using the printable Koala paw pattern, cotton sheets, and a sewing machine. The mittens should be made with 100% cotton sheets or tea towels.

Koalas typically live in eucalyptus trees and sleep for 20 hours a day. Brushfires are one of their biggest life threats since they are slow moving.

This is Jeremy. He burned his paws by clinging to burning branches.

His paws are scrubbed and prepared for bandages.

The cotton mittens allow their paws to heal.

Some koalas will take up to 12 months to recover.

This is the pattern for creating Koala mittens.

Mike Burton

The International Fund for Animal Welfare is asking for anyone with sewing machine skills to help out.

Send the mittens to: IFAW, 6 Belmore Street, Surry Hills 2010, Australia

You can find more information about the cause here.