Camila Villafañe

By Camila Villafañe

LifeBuzz Staff

23 Derpy Animal Photos That You Need To See.

#6. This was taken moments before disaster struck for this cat.

It serves it right for watching all those “Twilight” movies. It probably had an identity crisis and tried to vamp out. But from the after picture, it’s obvious sinking those fangs into something isn’t fun when it’s your own arm.

#7. Let go of that tennis ball, or I’ll cause my eyes to pop out of my head.

The pooch seems to go all bug-eyed every time it plays fetch the ball with its owner. Then again, it might always look like this, so he can have 360-degree surveillance on all of his doggy toys. Either way, it’s hilarious.

#8. Come and sit next to me so we can have a serious chat.

This dog’s been hanging out with humans too long. It even started to sit on the couch like them. It’s adorable! Who wouldn’t want to sit next to this adorable ball of fur? But first, it’s going to have to put that tongue back in its mouth.

#9. This is a sad example of a mouse who fell asleep at the wheel.

That poor thing! The owners put a metal wheel in its cage. They said it would be fun for the mouse, but the little creature kept running and running until it finally wore itself out. Nighty night, Mr. Mouse.

#10. Oh baby! This isn’t what it looks like. She’s just a friend!

Uh, oh! Was kitty a bad boy? What was he doing hanging out with another cat? The look of fear in his face is priceless. If it weren’t for the fangs, the paws, the fur, and the whiskers, we’d swear he was human.

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