By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

You Won’t Believe What She Found Stuck Inside This Old Tire… Everyone Was Stunned.

Jessica Arnold used to feed a stray pit bull mix she named Jimma. Usually, Jimma would visit her human friend twice a day. When Arnold came home from work one day, she found Jimma with her head stuck on a tire. Not sure how Jimma got herself in that predicament, Jessica decided to drive the puppy to the nearest fire station.

The Indianapolis Fire Department from Station 5 found Jimma shaken but relatively calm.

The crew applied soap and oil to free the dog to no avail. Then the team called their colleagues at Station 14 and asked them to bring their extracting tools.

Firefighters and IEMS Medic kept the puppy calm with soothing voices and caresses. At times, work had to be stopped to allow Jimma to calm down from the loud noises of the cutting tools.

After working for over an hour, Jimma was successfully rescued with no injuries.

Afterwards, Arnold decided to adopt the mischievous canine to keep it out of trouble.

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