By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

The Harrowing Rescue Of This Adorable Dog Was So Emotional I Got Goosebumps.

Hope For Paws is an organization that is known for saving the lives of countless forgotten animals, and for putting their rescues on camera. The videos are harsh and often emotional, but they also serve as a great reminder that there are thousands of animals neglected, abused, and left the streets, and many of them won't be so lucky as the ones in these videos.

Fortunately, Bitty made it out okay.

The Hope For Paws team found this forlorn pup living in a sewer tunnel. At first, he was so scared of them that he took off in the other direction. After hours of patience and coaxing, the team was able to get Bitty to trust them. They gathered the starving dog into their arms and took him to their shelter, never to return to the disgusting sewers again.

At the shelter, he was bathed, fed, and put into foster care. It was there that one of the volunteers named him Bitty - but though he might be diminutive in size, the amount of strength this little one has is huge.

Source: Eldad Hagar