By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

22 Weird Things Found In Sewers. #17 Will Make Your Blood Boil.

Working in a sewer has to be one of the toughest jobs around. This is a place filled with stuff that gets flushed down the toilet or whatever drains in off the street. Any kind of work that requires people to be around this cannot be much fun. One might also think that the brave men and women in this field have a pretty straight forward job to do with little excitement. Although, every once in a while they do rescue animals and people. On other occasions, these city workers come across some very interesting finds that defy explanation. Take a look at the top 22 things found in sewers. #4 really freaked me out.

#1. In 2006, a 600-pound alligator was found in the pipes in Texas. It was so big, it could not move.

#2. During a routine camera check in Surrey, UK, a sheep was seen just hanging out in the sewage.

#3. Half of a Mini Cooper car was spotted blocking the sewer in London.

#4. Quite a few hand grenades have been discovered in central London.

#5. Workers in a water plant in Japan discovered $56,000 worth of gold particles.

#6. Four watches were found in a drain in Essex, UK, worth about $93,000. The find: One Omega, two Rolexes, and a Franck Muller timepiece.

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