By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

Hilarious Footage Of Cute Cats Making Funny Faces While Shaking.

Carli Davidson loves to make animals jiggle and sway. The mastermind behind Shake and Shake Puppies is at it again with a new book for feline lovers, simply called Shake Cats. To get the fur balls to shimmy, Davidson and her team petted them with a damp hand or cleaned their ears.

Most of the kittens are rescues. Davidson also did head shots for the shelters' websites which got the cats adopted almost immediately. In her new book, she points to the importance of adoption, neutering, and spaying the animals.

Watch the hilarious Shake Cats video.

Davidson will give a portion of her advance from the book to three Portland shelters where the rescues were from.

Davidson says felines are the 'It' animal of the Internet.

Social media sensation, Lil Bub was one of the models.

Another way to get the felines to wiggle was to have their nails trimmed.

Next, photos from Carli Davidson's previous book Shake Puppies.

Sources: Carli Davidson, Peta Pixel