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This Dying Newlywed Has Weeks To Live… His Dying Wish Inspired Me In Ways I Didn’t Expect.

How many sunsets have you seen in your life? How much more would you appreciate the sunsets if you knew that any sunset could be your last?

Shalin Shah had just graduated form university and completed a tour with the Peace Corps when doctors found an incredibly rare form of cancer in his brain. After six months of opinions and diagnoses, doctors told him that he had six to nine months to live. Instead of hiding himself away and lamenting his tragic diagnosis, Shah decided to live his life to the fullest, describing his viewpoint in a recent blog on Huffington Post.

Instead of worrying if I was going to live or die, this terminal prognosis simplified the equation for me. Now I just had to focus on living out the rest of my life to the fullest and put all of my energy on having an awesome time enjoying the best of what life has to offer while leaving behind a positive footprint and legacy. Billions of people around the world would give anything just to have lived a day in my shoes due to the freedom and resources I have been blessed with in my life. In the end, there is very little difference in 22 or 90 years, the true beauty is being blessed with the gift of life at all.

Shah has since had a number of amazing experiences that were on his bucket list, including marrying his high school sweetheart, Frances, and meeting one of his favorite artists at Coachella, Usher. A social media campaign has also been started in his honor, #SunsetsForShah, and people all over the world have been uploading photos for him to see. Last week, Shah was checked into the hospital with severe breathing issues, and doctors gave him approximately a week to live.

Check out the touching photos of his last months below, along with Shah's final letter to the world - and make sure to appreciate each and every sunset.

No room for hatred in my heart

Stay positive, no time for negativity, no complaints or regrets

Life is perfect. I would not change one thing about Life or about myself or anyone or anything I know, everyone in the world is perfect in their own ways and serves a specific role in the universe

Ban negative thoughts

Do not judge people (you are no better than everyone else and they are no better than you, don't mind yourself with what others choose to do, truly wish for the happiness of others, be self-confident and proud of the quirks and idiosyncrasies of who you are because you are part of an ecosystem that would not be the same without your existence (you play an essential role in the universe), only concern yourself with your own decisions and actions, be mindful of how much you need (don't take more than what you need) know what you want out of life and only take the necessary resources to execute your life's ambitions, minimize gluttony and waste, waste is an unavoidable part of life, I want everyone else to be as happy as they possibly can be (I want to help them reach their wildest ambitions, I want to volunteer and give to the less fortunate, I want to take my more fortuitous situation and spread it to others

Life is perfect, all of the quirks are what makes life beautiful, the essence of being a human being is beautiful, time is a flowing stream and measurements of time (I.e. Minutes, days) distract you from the fact that time is a constant stream, metaphysics and the workings of nature are beautiful and I have the upmost appreciation for everything

Keep an open mind: do not have pre-conceived notions, put in an effort to like things (songs, celebrities, people)

I have an infinite understanding, I understand everyone else's decisions because they are fundamentally human like me and we are all driven by the same intrinsic human nature and I can never be mad at them for making any decision

Circle of life. Ecological network. Reincarnation. Nirvana.

The greatest joys come from the simple things in life. Appreciate the simple things.

Have fun, enjoy life all the time

Bad has to exist in order to appreciate good, relativity and perspective

Love and happiness are essential forces like gravity

Show appreciation and thanks to everyone for even very small acts

There is no need to try to impress others and make them jealous, do what you want to do, no matter what you do in life you cannot be arrogant

because everyone is human, no better or worse than you. At the same time, there is no reason you should feel jealous or insecure around others regardless of their lives, achievements, good looks, wealth, etc.

Open a meditation center and teach others how to live happier lives

Enjoy everything you do, even those which you do not like doing

Giving to others is an act of spreading love

Do not do things for personal gain, do not take advantage of others, do not look for recognition or praise

Don't compete with others or compare yourself with others

Fill yourself with energy, boundless energy (feel alive)

Life is what you make of it, put in effort to excel. Make the most of what you have

Life is not a competition

No right/wrong way to live your life

There is no such thing as better, only better suited

Here are some of the photos that people from around the world posted.

Sunsets for Shalin

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