By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

This Origami Flower Pot Solves Every Plant Lover’s Most Common Problem.

In their natural environments, plants and flowers can grow and sprawl as large as they want to, free from any encumbrance. However, when we keep plants in our homes (as lovely as they may be), they must go in pots and planters. This means that as they grow, so does the vessel that contains them. The process of transferring plants can be a messy one, and it's also not exactly good for the plant itself.

But what if you could have planter that grew with your plant, instead of a plant that grew out of it? The design geniuses at Studio Ayaskan in London have come up with an idea for something that does just that.

Their origami-style containers simply look like chic, minimalist planters.

The different styles are gorgeous, and would make any plant look amazing on your counter or table.

The attention to detail and clean design on these things is amazing.

But do you notice something different about them here?

That's right: They actually grow with the plant!

Aren't they amazing? Studio Ayaskan calls the project GROWTH, and the planters use a carefully designed pattern mean to mimic the movement of nature. Right now they're just a concept, but hopefully, we'll be seeing more incarnations of this amazing idea someday.

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Source: My Modern Met