By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

This Father-Daughter Duo’s Natural Hair Is The Envy Of The Internet.

It’s fair to say that six-year-old Jaxyn inherited her father’s beautiful, long mane. The little girl and her dad, Benny Harlem, have practically the same hairstyle which they proudly show off on his Instagram account of over 129,000 followers.

Besides modelling, the artist fills his social media account with sweet and inspiring advice on fatherhood. Harlem hopes to give Jaxyn the foundation where she will grow up loving and believing in herself.

Despite having long, matching hair, Harlem will allow his daughter to do with hers whatever she wants. “My daughter is able to be as creative as she can when it comes to her style, but she and I both are very comfortable for now, and I don’t foresee any cutting but only time will tell,” says the New York City model.

Harlem began growing his hair out when he 15 years old. He sees his long mane as an extension of his creativity.

To grow his hair and maintain its health, Harlem drinks a lot of water. He also relies on keeping a clean diet.

"Health is my lifestyle. I believe that being healthy mind, body, and spirit allows my hair to reach beyond its peak," explains Harlem.

This devoted father walks his daughter to school everyday and helps her on her reading. With his support, she is now the number one reader in her class.

The duo washes their hair every week. Harlem makes his own shampoo from natural ingredients like coconut and berries. They also have a rule that people are not allowed to touch their hair.

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