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English Ducks Just Officially Became The Luckiest Ducks In The World.

Properly marked streets are of the utmost importance, especially when you're traveling in the UK. Remember: Cars drive on the other side of the road there, so it's essential to have things like "Look Right" painted onto the ground. I'm told that it's mostly so silly travelers don't get hit by a car.

And apparently Brits have not only gone out of their way to make sure that foreigners are safe on the streets, but also, ducks. There are huge numbers of ducks throughout London, Birmingham, and Manchester, and the truth is that they have to get from Point A to Point B safely, just like the rest of us. That's why one organization has decided to start painting these signs.

Ducks mostly hang out along the waterway paths in these cities, and so the Canal & River Trust has started an initiative to remind people to be aware of the animals they share the roads with.

Near these places, they have painted a white line to mark off areas frequently used by birds, along with an adorable stenciled silhouette of a duck.

The idea is that if people see these lines, they will be less like to run over a duck with their bikes, or even walk over them haphazardly.

The ducks certainly don't seem to mind having a lane all to themselves.

The Canal River Trust maintains over 2000 miles of inland waterways throughout England and Wales. Their motto is "share the space, drop your pace, it's a special place." Commuters are more than happy to oblige.

Let's just hope the ducks follow the rules, too.

This video of ducks versus stairs broke the cuteness meter. You have to see it.

Source: boredpanda