Camila Villafañe

By Camila Villafañe

LifeBuzz Staff

Graffiti Artist Transforms Beach Stone Into Great White Shark.

In this photo, a mother is lifting her daughter up so that she can touch the shark’s mouth.

Maybe she’s sacrificing the child to the great white in hopes of sparing herself. Nice job, Mom! But seriously, who wouldn’t want to have a little fun getting creative with a photo next to this shark?

The shark has provided “Jaws” fans and swimmers in general with the most glorious photo op ever.

All it needed were a pair of legs dangling from its mouth, and it would have been even scarier. But soon everyone was getting in on the fun and Swift was shocked to find how big of a deal his outdoor artwork had become.

While some people ran for their lives, other people opted for a more relaxed post with the shark.

It’s too bad no one considered posing with their arms apart as if they were Poseidon and the great white shark was his pet. But regardless, people treat this massive made-over stone like it was Disney World.

It took Swift an hour to complete the look of the shark that has everyone going crazy for the shark.

People get to recreate their favorite scenes from popular shark-related movies or they come up with their own ways to look surprised as the great shark seems to descend on them to make them its latest meal.

Some beachgoers would rather perform gymnastic moves next to it rather than run away from it.

Unfortunately, Swift has to give the shark some maintenance every now and then because the elements do a real number on the water-based spray paint he uses. As you can see from this photo, the shark’s features have practically faded away.

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