By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

This Relaxing Drone Footage Of Sheep Herding Will Chill You Out.

It’s a good thing New Zealand has plenty of green, luscious pastures. After all, this beautiful country is the home to approximately 29 million sheep, a huge contrast to the population of 4.5 million people.

One can only imagine the amount of work and time it takes to herd these woolly animals to their location. Tim Whittaker, a pilot and photographer shot an aerial video of the sheep moving across the grasslands. With dogs rounding the horde, the clip feels more like a work of art or a dance than labor. The sheep were flocked in Hawke’s Bay farm's paddocks.

Whittaker said he was initially assigned to take still photos of the ewes before deciding to switch it to video. “I just thought the sheep make crazy patterns from the sky, so I may as well just run some video while we're doing it,” says Whittaker.

Source: Caters Clips