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Comedian Reveals Shelter Cats' Secret Dislikes, And It’s So Funny You’ll Adopt.

Many animals in rescue and adoption centers often get overlooked. Every year, 2.7 million cats go unadopted. All these cats are looking for is someone to love and care for them.

In attempt of helping a local adoption center in Los Angeles get more clientele, Obvious Plant has created his own special biography cards for the cats there. He stealthily placed them on the front window when no one was looking. Each and every cat on the bio cards are real! As for their bizarre likes and dislikes, however, they're questionable.

Check out the hilarious biography cards below for each cat! And if you happen to be interested in adopting, check out Sante D'Or Adoption Center to find out more details on these cats.

Here's a photo of all the biography cards together in one place.

This way, you get to know the cats before even meeting them.

Just because you're playful and loving, doesn't mean you love everything.

As you can see here, as affectionate as Obi is, he still hates improv comedy. But can you blame him? It ain't that funny.

To be fair, he does have a point.

Why IS it spelled that way? Also, the word colonel just sounds weird. Is it really necessary for it to be three whole syllables?

Well if Sylvia didn't say it, someone else would have.

That's like cats calling themselves "humans." It just doesn't make sense and it shouldn't.

You would think all cats disliked ghosts.

But I guess some are ok with it, just not Zeta. So yeah, stay away if you live in or anywhere near a haunted graveyard.

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