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Shelter Dog Who Loves His Food Bowl Gets Adopted By Loving Family.

We all get attached to things in life, even if they’re inanimate objects. The need to carry our favorite stuffed toy or blankie is something most of us have experienced when we were children. Even as adults, we find it difficult to part with the things we love. This is something a shelter dog named Oliver can appreciate. He loves to hang onto his food bowl in order to stay fed, and you couldn’t pry it from him if you tried.

If there’s one thing Oliver loves in life it’s food and treats, hence why he loves his bowl so much.

You could say that Oliver’s emotional security and his tummy relied on his dog bowl. In fact, when animal control tried picking the stray up in a Memphis, Tennessee backyard, it became clear he wasn’t going to go without a fight and it was adorable.

Due to the fact that he was a pup, Oliver thought the people collecting him were playing a game.

When they tried reaching out to him, he hopped over the fence. So, they came up with a humane trap to capture the creature and bring him to Memphis Animal Services where he started doing something very odd with his bowl.

The folks at the animal shelter can still recall how Oliver showed them he wanted to be fed.

Oliver had grabbed the edge of his food bowl with his mouth and lifted it from the floor. Fortunately, his little trick worked, and the staff gave him more food. When they moved him to his permanent kennel, the pooch kept doing this.

Unfortunately, a Facebook group called Wilson, Rosie, and Pickle Pete had some dire news.

They posted that Memphis Animal Services was going to euthanize the pup unless they received an email from a private adopter or a rescue. Oliver only had a day and time was running out for the adorable animal.

Unfortunately, a Facebook group called Wilson, Rosie, and Pickle Pete had some dire news.

Wilson, Rosie, and Pickle Pete / Facebook

With the risk of being euthanized looming over his head, Oliver’s post went viral rather quickly.

Even sites like picked up his story and wrote about Oliver’s journey. Fortunately, the photos Wilson, Rosie, and Pickle Pete posted touched people’s hearts and the puppy’s story did not end on a sad note.

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