By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

Orlando Sherriff Has An Important Announcement For Orlando Residents.

On June 12th, 2016 men and women visited the nightclub Pulse in Orlando, Florida for a night of dancing, socializing, and just to have a good time. Yet, a man went into the club shooting and killing 49 innocent people. The act of hate and terror brought not only the state of Florida together but the country as well as everyone mourned for the victims and their families.

Throughout history, the LGBT community has been discriminated against and treated as outsiders. It took this horrible tragedy for people to embrace and grieve with them. Law enforcement agents were among the first responders in the early morning of the attack. “Many deputies were first responders providing assistance the night of the Pulse shooting, while others lost friends that terrible night,” says Jane Watrel, the Orange County Sheriff’s Office Spokewoman.

That is why the men and women in uniform have joined forces to participate in the #KeepDancingOrlando challenge. It is a way to honour and pay tribute to the 49 lives. The sheriff’s office has some pretty talented dancers but we prefer them to stick to their day jobs.