By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

Husband Finds Out Wife Is Pregnant AFTER Vasectomy… And Films Her Reaction.

More and more men are choosing to undergo a vasectomy as a permanent birth control method. The procedure includes severing a man’s vas deferens sealed, thus preventing the sperm from going into the seminal stream during intercourse.

Patients who undergo the surgical procedure are home the same day resting. Before couples get to enjoy worry-free sex, the man has to return to his doctor after a couple of weeks to ensure the surgery was a success. Tim Brummel shared on YouTube a video of what happened when his doctor’s office forgot to notify him the results from his vasectomy.

Brummell and his wife are already parents to three adorable and rambunctious boys. What his wife thought was bloating or eating too much turned out to be a surprised for her. Watch the video where Brummel gives very happy, albeit, unexpected news to a very tired mom.

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