These Futuristic Sneakers Have A Feature That You Simply Will Not Believe.

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It's not the smart phone, the retina displays, or the touchscreen TVs: If you want proof that the future is here, all you have to do is look at these incredible digital sneakers.

Produced by a company called Shiftwear, the sneakers will come in three styles (high tops, medium, and low top), and correspond to an app on your smartphone. The app connects wirelessly to the shoe, and projects moving images onto its face. Perhaps the best part of this next technology is how it stays powered: The shoe harnesses a "walk-n-charge" mechanism, ensuring that it will stay moving for as long as you stay in step. See more about these amazing new kicks below.

Here's what the shoe looks like on it's own: Classic, minimal, and monochrome.


Things get really special when the shoe is synced with the corresponding app: How badass is this?


The shoes can last up to 30 days on one battery, which also charges as you walk.


There is also full-color capability that wraps around the entirety of the shoe, which is made from waterproof materials and kevlar.


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