Huong Ngo

By Huong Ngo

LifeBuzz Staff

Shine Line Hair Is Summer 2017’s Hottest Hair Trend.

There's so many hair trends going on nowadays it's hard to keep up. Today, rocking the one-tone hair can be pretty plain. Once upon a time, adding multiple colors to one's hair might have been viewed as inappropriate or tacky.

But somehow colorists have come up with a way to make them look chic and dreamy. Well, they've done it again with the new shine line trend. It's essentially another "rainbow hair trend" but with a unique laser beam effect.

It's almost summertime, you know what that means!

It means it's time to switch up your look once again. Being a girl can be complex and expensive, but it sure is fun.

It's time to get rid of that one-tone hair color.

Try out the newest and hottest multicolor hair trend that's been blowing up on the Internet: the shine line hair.

Do you remember something called Splashlights?

Well it's back but now they're more colorful and vibrant than ever.

The trend was originally from 2014.

But thanks to the numerous rainbow hair color trends since then, this trend has recently reemerged with the popular hashtag "#shineline."

The shine line hair still has the same laser beam vibe Splashlights did.

Shine line hair, however, has come back with a beautiful and bright rainbow effect.

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