By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

One-Eyed Puppy That No One Wanted Just Found His Human Soul Mate.

They say that dogs eventually start to mimic and resemble their owners, but this pair have more in common than most.

When Jordan was in middle school, he had an accident that caused complete vision loss in his left eye. When he saw a one-eyed puppy at the market, he knew he had to take the little fur ball home.

“He was the last of his litter,” Jordan’s sister told The Huffington Post in an interview. “The guy told him no one wanted the dog.”

The Trent family named the pup Shiner Solo, and their images of the dog have become a huge hit on social media. You can see some of those adorable images below.

Here are Jordan and Shiner Solo, a dog and his owner with a lot in common.

People started taking notice of Shiner when Trent's sister posted an adorable image of him on reddit.

Many people assume that the dog is called Shiner because of his eye, but in actuality, he's named after Trent's favorite beer (Texas Shiner Bock) and his favorite Star Wars character (Hans Solo).

As you can see, these two were clearly destined for one another.

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