By Keith

LifeBuzz Staff

This Box Was Shipped To Australia… You’ll NEVER Believe What Was Hiding Inside.

When a deliveryman comes to the door with a package, the little kid inside of us all wants to open it immediately. Usually, we have to wait for whatever the occasion the package is for. In this story, the receiver of a particularly special package didn't wait - and we're sure glad they didn't.

Years ago, Rig Spiers was a world class athlete. He was in the U.K. attempting to make the Australian Olympic team as a javelin thrower. Then, fate played a terrible trick on him. Spiers did not make the team and found himself penniless in a foreign country with no way to get home. Undeterred, he enlisted the help of a fellow athlete to build a crate and ship himself back to his homeland. Sixty-three hours later, he was delivered. He was dehydrated, but thankfully, still alive.

Now, Spiers' journey is chronicled in a book entitled Out of the Box. Below are some insane photos from his hair-brained scheme - try not to give yourself any ideas.

Reg Spiers, Javelin thrower in the Commonwealth games.

Replica of the original box used by Spiers.

How the straps may have been positioned in the box.

During his prime, as a world class athlete.

AP wire story from 1964.

AP wire story from 1964.