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Illegal Photos Reveal The Forbidden Beauty Of Iran’s Holiest Shrine.

Expansion and Subsequent Repairs

After 200 years, Queen Tash Khātūn initiated repairs and build an edifice, a hall of audience, and a fine college. She also added a tomb for herself.

The Tombs of Amir Ahmad & Mir Muhammad

Many visitors agree that the dome at the tomb of Amir Ahmad is one of the most beautiful sites they've ever seen. A mix of multi-colored tile and glass give a dreamlike appearance. The mausoleum of Mir Muhammad is in the same complex.

Follow These Rules

Before entering the complex, women must be wearing a chādor (some say they were given one to wear), just as they would at other public spaces in the republic.

Visitors have also said that men and women are given separate tours. Foreigners are accompanied by a free English-speaking guide, and photo taking is limited.

A Place of Prayer

If you're looking for a peaceful atmosphere with unique beauty, this is it. People have noted feeling a powerful spiritual presence when inside.

Other Accents

The walls and windows are also made up of mosaics of tiles and stained glass. Other accents include a green marble floor, crystal chandeliers, and thick red carpet, a nice contrast to the green.

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