By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

Travel Hack For T-Shirts, This Is Hands Down The BEST Packing Tip I’ve Ever Seen.

For many travelers, packing is a tremendous project. You plan on packing light for a three day business trip, and all of a sudden you find yourself trying to jam three winter coats and a bathing suit in your suitcase with no idea why or how it happened.

If you do manage to whittle your vacation wardrobe down to a few key pieces, you're then faced with the overwhelming prospect of folding and packing them for maximum efficiency. Sometimes, by the time you're finished, you don't even want to take the trip anymore.

Well, struggling packers don't have to worry anymore. After watching this video, your eyes will be opened to the fine are of easy packing. You're not going to believe how many things she manages to pack into one small bag. Packing for your next trip is going to be easy as pie.

Here's 24 of the smartest travel hacks to make your next trip easier.

Source: Handimania