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Couple Wanted Shirtless Guy Photoshopped Out, The Internet’s Response Was Ruthlessly Funny.

Getting engaged is a special moment. The person proposing typically puts a lot of time and effort into the proposal. The moment the other person says "yes," the couple's lives will change forever.

One particular couple decided to take a photo shortly after they officially became engaged. Unfortunately, they didn't realize until way later that there was a shirtless man in the background. Instead of seeking professional help, they asked their friend, Ashley Guice, to help. She ended up asking the Internet for help.

The result: a new Photoshop battle.

Here's the original Facebook post.

Ashley Guice decided to ask the Internet to help her photoshop the shirtless man out of best friend's sister's engagement photo.

Here's the original Facebook post.

But Ashley should have known better than to request such a favor from the Internet.

After all, the Internet is filled with trolls. The photo started a photoshop battle and well, you can see for yourself how the photos turned out. This one's a little too close for comfort.

How nice of the editor to transform the engagement photo into a work of art!

Unfortunately, the shirtless man is still in the photo so it can't be used. Good try though.

Now, who wouldn't want Mr. Bean offering them a congratulations?

Maybe not in the actual engagement photo though.

It's elementary, my dear Watson.

Is Sherlock invited to the wedding? Having him there will probably help prevent any wedding mishaps.

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