By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

19 Animals Who Are Definitely Judging Your Life Choices, #13 Has Lost All Respect For You.

We all have those weekends where we wish we could forget everything embarrassing that we did. More importantly, we wish our friends would forget.

And while being mortified by our gin-fueled actions might be something our friends are used to seeing, our pets are the ones who are really shocked and horrified to see what we've done. Below are 19 pets who can't believe what you've become - #18 is judging you forever.

#1. Can't believe you hooked up with your ex.

#2. Just remembered how you fell down in front of the whole restaurant.

#3. Wishes she could unhear that.

#4. Found out that you're worse than he thought.

#5. What you've done is actually making him sick.

#6. Forever scandalized by your nonsense.

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