By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

You DON’T Have Too Many Shoes… You’re Just Storing Them Wrong.

Real talk: I may have a shoe problem. I have piles of shoes on my floor, shoes strewn about my apartment, and I think I even saw a pair of my shoes underneath the kitchen sink the other day. The fact of the matter is, I have a lot of shoes, and not a lot of great ideas about where to put them. I also keep buying new shoes, so my problem will inevitably get worse before it's get better.

If this sounds like a struggle you can identify with, fear the footwear debacle no more - we have found the solution(s). Below are some awesome and creative ways to store all of your favorite pairs. You might even be able to make room for those thigh-high boots you've been lusting after - or maybe just some actual furniture.

A ladder of heels.

If the majority of your shoe collection is heels, try installing a ladder on the wall to hook them on. You can always find wooden ladders at flea markets, and they're usually affordable.

The crate/shelf shoe hybrid.

By mounting wooden crates on your walls, you create cubbies for your shoes, as well as shelves to stack them on. Liven up the space by adding plants and other decor amongst your precious pairs.

A shoe hanger situation.

Got extra closet space? Try hanging your sandals up with hangers using this handy tutorial.

Towel racks - Not just for towels anymore.

By installing rows of towel racks onto your walls, you can create an efficient place to store your heels. Just make sure to leave enough room between the racks for your shoes to fit.

The shoe tower.

With a few simple pieces of wood, you can create a tiered shoe rack that will fit all of your slippers, sandals, and sneakers. For added awesomeness, mount the rack on a rotating platform.

The shoe cabinet.

This is a classic way to store shoes, and can be found at many stores. If you're feeling ambitious, you can also build one yourself - only the handiest shoe-lovers need apply.

The entryway shoe storage solution.

Using just a couple of small boards, paint, and wood glue, you can create a simple rack for your shoes that fits perfectly near all the coats and umbrellas by the front door.

The fancy fabric shoe rack.

This follows the same concept as the towel rack DIY above, but covers the bars with the fabric of your choosing. This is a great solution for those who want a little more color in their shoe space.

The shoe pyramid.

By far our favorite DIY, this shoe pyramid stores tons of shoes and is chic enough to live outside of the closet. Actually, it's cool enough to go in the living room, so everyone can witness your shoe & DIY glory.

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