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You DON’T Have Too Many Shoes… You’re Just Storing Them Wrong.

The ultimate shoe experience.

This shelving solution is only for the most serious shoe-lovers, who also have dozens of handbags to match.

The shoe photo album.

If you prefer to keep your shoes stored in boxes, then take photos of them so you remember what's inside.

The boot hanger.

Just make sure to line the clasps with something soft, so that the leather on the boots doesn't get damaged.

The EXTREME shoe hanger.

Remember the shoe hanger above? Here, you see how you can easily take it to the next level.

The shoe trunk.

By adding dividers to the inside of a chest or trunk, you can keep your shoes hidden away so none of your friends ask to borrow them.

A wall of shoe-tubes.

This looks fresh and modern, and is a great solution for bulky tennis shoes that don't fit in shoe racks designed for flats and heels.

A library of shoes.

When in doubt, simply paint an old bookcase the color of your choice and put your fabulous footwear on display.

The closet shoe organizer.

This is probably the OG shoe rack, and the one that most people have in their homes. It's a great storage solution, and if you get a clear one you are still treated to the privilege of seeing your shoes any time you open your closet. Pro Tip: Secure the bottom of the rack to the door as well, so it doesn't flop around every time you swing open the closet door.

Which one would you shoes - I mean, choose?

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