By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

Your Taste In Shoes Reveals A Surprising Insight Into Your Personality.

There is a commonly-held and widely accepted belief that what you wear says a lot about you. There is probably no better form of self expression than what we wear and how we wear it. Furthermore, what we decide to wear is also in part, the story we are telling about ourselves.

One area most may not think of when it comes to the image we portray is in our footwear. There is something to be said about folks who wear wild colors and prints and those who prefer to take a more traditional or conformist approach. Our choices in shoes say a lot about ourselves.

Take a minute to see the kinds of footwear you prefer and see if the corresponding message about that particular footwear provides a glimpse into your inner self. I was surprised with my results and yes, I think I am a bit of a wild child.

Pick a pair of shoes that you'd wear.

Pick a pair of shoes that you'd wear.


You are confident and artistic. Your career is unconventional like your shoes.

Sporty shoes.

You are active, down to earth, and outdoorsy. Your health matters more to you than fashion. Being fit is your style.

Ballerina flats.

You are feminine and are not afraid to show it. Often times, women try to hide their femininity to display strength. You know you are powerful in your ballerinas and you are comfortable.

Flip flops.

Unless you live in tropical weather, wearing flip flops all the time may be giving the vibe you are laissez faire about life. Know the right place and time to be carefree.

Red shoes.

Red shoes represent power and mystery. When you walk in to a room wearing your red shoes, you are prepared to be the center of attention because you are used to it.

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