By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

Your Taste In Shoes Reveals A Surprising Insight Into Your Personality.

Spiky and uncomfortable looking.

This will surprise you. But the wearers of these shoes are calm individuals. Perhaps the dangerous looking shoes combined with your tranquility create that yin yang balance.

Plain shoes.

You may be trying to tell others you go for comfort. You are actually saying you afraid of change whether it's relationships or life in general. Be daring, take a chance.

Plain shoes.


Revealing sandals.

Showing your feet in the perfect pedicure shows you care about your appearance. No detail is missed.

Animal prints.

You follow your animal instinct. You are unique and not afraid to show it. You know who you are and strut it with pride.

Black pumps.

Black pumps are a classic like you. You don't follow trends. You are sophisticated and a bit conservative. You know what you like and what works best for you.

Peacock effect.

You love to show your beautiful and colorful self. Others may think you are high maintenance. Maybe you are, but you can buy your own shoes thank you very much.

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