Lisa Be

By Lisa Be

LifeBuzz Staff

When He Was Caught "Red Pawed” Stealing From A Grocery Store, I Had To Laugh.

An item was shoplifted at Smith's Food and Drug in Murray, Utah on Christmas day. The suspicious character walked through the entrance and made a beeline to the pet food on aisle 16. There were so many other choices he could have made, but this thief went directly for a rawhide bone. He grabbed the bone with his mouth, walked towards the front of the store, paused when he saw the manager, and walked right out. The thief made a clean getaway, but his crime was captured on the store camera.

Roger Adamson, the store manager, said, "I've never seen him shop in here before; brand new customer, didn't even have his Fresh Value card."

Sometimes like this dog thief, you just have to go and get what you want for yourself for Christmas.

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