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Man Surprises Girlfriend With Engagement And Wedding All In One Night.

As little girls, women tend to think about the day they get to marry the person of their dreams. The day when everything in the universe seems to fit into place just right. When we're younger, we can't help but picture how that special someone will ask us if we'll spend the rest of our days with them. We hope that it's terribly romantic, unique, and so full of love. This NY man set the bar pretty high the night that he proposed to his longtime girlfriend. So, grab the tissues and prepare yourself to have your heartstrings pulled on, because this one is a tearjerker.

It was Nicole Carfagna's 32nd birthday, and she knew that her boyfriend, Danny Rios, was planning on taking her on a trip.

Nicole figured that they were going north because Danny kept making jokes about the cold weather. Well, Nicole couldn't have been further from the truth.

What Nicole didn't know was that Danny had a HUGE surprise in store for her.

The day before their vacation, Danny exposed that he was taking Nicole to Disney World! The next morning they were on a 7 a.m. flight to Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge.

They had an unbelievable time having breakfast with flamingos and spending time with giraffes while checking in.

But, soon, it was time for them to go back home. Danny was acting very strangely about making sure they made it to the airport on time. In fact, they were three hours early!

That night, the couple was supposed to have dinner with Nicole's mom, but she wasn't feeling well.

Nicole, who has lupus, was getting pretty tired, so they just grabbed takeout and went home. When they got to their house, Nicole noticed strings of lights hanging up.

Danny led Nicole into the backyard where their friends and family were gathered under a large tent.

Danny got down on one knee and said beautiful things to Nicole. Then, Danny asked Nicole if she would marry him!

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