By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

What’s The Weirdest Thought You’ve Ever Had In The Shower? Here Are 30 Of Ours.

Where do you do your best thinking? For many people, some of the deepest and most introspective thinking is done in the shower. And why shouldn't it be? The shower is a warm, safe space where you can (hopefully) be alone. As you stand there with the water pouring over you, contemplating the day to come or the day that followed, you can let your mind wander forever (or at least until the hot water runs out).

So whether you're coming up with ridiculous hypothetical or just contemplating the subtle nuances of life, odds are that you've had at least one of these thoughts in the shower. Let the thoughts and water flow over you.

#1. Why is a small amount of hair called "hairs.."

...but a large amount of hair called "hair?"

#2. If I dropped a piece of bread, and someone else in China dropped a piece of bread...

...would that mean the world was a sandwich?

#3. Were there any uncooked lobsters on the Titanic?

Because if there were, they were having the BEST DAY EVER.

#4. Speaking of lobsters...

When compared to scorpions, lobsters might as well be mermaids.

#5. Trying to become wealthy by winning the lottery is like trying to commit suicide on a commercial airplane.

#6. What if there was a superhero named Placebo-man?

He would be an ordinary guy who doesn't have any superpowers , but everyone thinks he is a superhero.

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